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An effective system solution involves impeccable design, engineering, and integration.

It also hinges on delivering a fully functional system on time and in the right place, equipped with all essential supporting elements. This process requires meticulous planning, foresight, and the optimal use of resources, spearheaded by personnel seasoned in this intricate process. As a result, we treat system implementation as a crucial, standalone process that needs to be methodically planned, coordinated, and executed.

We credit the success of implementation to our experienced team of in-house and field service representatives, mission planners, trainers, logisticians, installers, and project managers. From the moment a system leaves AES2 until it reaches its intended destination, we ensure full tracking of the system and its components, effectively overcoming common obstacles in global transportation. Once delivered, we perform a thorough inventory check, conduct necessary reconstitution, and perform comprehensive system installation and evaluation to confirm operational readiness. 

We can also install additional supporting elements like facilities, towers, power systems, and conduct field demonstrations if required. AES2’s unwavering commitment ensures that when our personnel depart from a fielding location, the system is fully functional and primed for immediate deployment to support the user’s mission. This holistic approach to implementation reflects our goal of delivering solutions and success.

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