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At AES2, we recognize that a system’s efficacy, regardless of its sophistication or design, is anchored in its operator’s skills.

While traditional thinking sees training as simply teaching system operation or maintenance, AES2 embraces a broader perspective. Training is an opportunity to impart new skills and leverage existing ones, harmonizing them to bolster a user’s ability to effectively employ the system and ensure mission success.

Our training considers the user, the intended environment, and the supported mission, accounting for relevant CONOPs and TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) wherever possible. Our preferred train-the-trainer approach allows for easily transferring skills to future trainees. Emphasizing hands-on and interactive activities, we immerse trainees in realistic scenarios and utilize an array of training aids. We evaluate student readiness and deliver an extensive curriculum that includes course outlines, materials, case studies, practical exercises, pre/post-tests, course surveys, after-action reports, and student rosters.

We deliver training by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with relevant technical and military backgrounds, skill sets, and substantial training experience who understand the intricacies of the sensor weapons environments. This thorough approach to training underscores AES2’s commitment to elevating performance through knowledge.

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